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Myshopwatch goes live!

Here at Quantum Technical we are all about reducing friction, improving performance and creating innovate solutions and services which are digital by design.

We can announce that we have further expanded our services and solutions to support a project with the NBRA to deliver a offering to allow its registered members to list classified items on a portal which allows them to dispose of shop equipment they no longer require.

find anything from a screwdriver to a spray booth

Using our technology and digital assets we work with the NBRA to empower its members, and indeed a wider buying audience as we grow.

If you want to know more, please contact the NBRA for access to selling on the platform and all other member benefits, or to view the classifieds, and other solutions as we expand then please head to

David Punter (CEO and Founder) said "Here at Quantum Technical, we take our core industry knowledge and expertise, and work with out clients and partners to strengthen their position, empower the market and make things easier"

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