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Our Products & Services

At Quantum Technical we work with our partners to deliver great benefits from our solutions which is where we differ from the competition by understanding the whole journey.

Our "joined up" approach means our technology, people and expertise empowers the  hybrid model which powers many industry solutions today!

Our award winning workflow solution allows our customers the best in class operation to handle, interact and benefit from the latest position of inspections, and network management of claims.

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Auto-VU +

Launched in 2020 Auto-VU+ uses the latest digital interaction tools and AI allowing our expert teams to inspect damage remotely with great accuracy, from secure mobile devices on a peer to peer network offering with augmented reality included.

Others have strived to meet this standard for years

Take the Quantum Leap with us!

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Using digital tools from our existing video capture, to augmented reality decision making.

Using technology, industry core excellence & connecting supply chains.

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A digital members platform, allowing repairers to send in digital image and video along with key metrics, in order that our technical support team can compile assessments and reports for use in the commercial market.

The preQual solution allows a fast track way to issue repairs to the market to cut the delay and inconvenience caused to all stakeholders.

With the skills gap growing, join with us to re-engineer engineering!

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Since its launch in 2018 Auto Vehicle Upload (Auto-VU) has allowed customers to interact with image, video and live capture of information which is converted to digital FNOL outcome real time with validated outcome and routing.

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We operate a bespoke website design service with chat bot, and technical services for our clients.

If you are a repairer looking for affordable design, please get in touch.

In 2020 we assisted GT Motive in entering the UK market with a detailed work review of suitability to market of their estimating platform by our industry leading specialists.

Following this and on the express request of GT Motive, we set up the support systems and staff for the UK, running operations for two years.

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Working with our partners at the NBRA and in conjuction with Blackthorn Accident Management Ltd.. we have created a portal for repairers to deal with the repair capacity management issue we see in the market today.

Using technology, core skills, great people and old fashioned relationship management, this offering may just be what the market needs to reach its customer goals.

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Working with the NBRA, we facilitate the sale of used machinery and plant in a controlled environment to other professionals 

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Record your IIR file here digitally via our cloud service.

What some of our clients say


Kirsty McKno (Managing Director - Cogent Hire Ltd.)

Quantum Technical are super agile and an accommodating team who understand our needs, and that of our customers.

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