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And now for something completely different, it's Exceptional!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Here at Quantum Technical, we like to do things a little differently.

Having reviewed the market for a number of years and understood where things are moving from our rich market intelligence, we looked to readdress the way we do things, to add more customer choice to our portfolio, and address an imbalance in the current understanding to find the "agreeable" middle point without all of the stakeholder friction.

The modern way of working is changing, and with it are the people and indeed our mutual customers, and their needs.

We far too often work from a perspective of what we need and hope to build a service, rather than considering the whole needs of our customers and how we can do things differently to make things better.

This gave us the idea to see what we could do if we assembled the stakeholders in a productive likeminded supply chain, to address the needs of that "particular" case.

Whereas the market deals with most things in bulk, that works for many people, but with the age of digitalisation, we are seeing things slow down, as the "system has it" as we rely on our faith in technology to schedule things.

In reality, what really happens is, it’s easy to arrange and hard to manage and endure as behind the scenes there is so much still that requires effort.

We really had to look no further than our partnership approach with the NBRA and our other digital integrations and offerings and introduce an innovative repair management team in the form of Blackthorn Repair Management to construct a portal and commercial offering for that "exceptional repair", the one that does not fit the sausage machine and cannot be arranged, or the one that cannot be scheduled for a number of months. is a technology platform encompassing connectivity with repairers, technical experts, customers and other key stake holders.

"The project has run over a number of months and is now released to NBRA members".

Quantum Technical is an integral part of the solution, offering the repairer community a new way of working by removing the friction from both sides. Our professional team will create repair estimates in GT Motive* or Audatex to drive an initial repair plan.

This is unlocked by access to our customer Auto-VU platform where clients can upload images and video, or our AutoEstimate repairer platform where repairer partners can create cases with key information to connect with our team to deliver image, video and key data to assist in decision making.

As we control the overall process, our intervention between all parties opens a whole new way of working, which in effect allows one true estimate and repair being actioned with collated images, evidence and justification.

Saving you time effort and money, improving performance and reducing friction.

Why NBRA members only? - we understand the effort and resource that goes into the NBRA and its technical capability, standards and compliance that makes it the largest viable repair network in the UK today which can now be commercialised to benefit all stake holders to do something a little different and address the needs of the market with our innovate combined approach.

As the service progresses, we hope to offer other schemes as core insurers and work providers realise the value in a truly outsourced market leading repair operation without the need to expand their own cost base or staff.

The repairer network opt in and out of coverage and accessibility, given far greater opportunity to ensure the right repair is carried out by the right repairer.

*Quantum Technical Ltd sit behind the GT Motive support facility in the United Kingdom

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