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Avoiding the Image crisis

At Quantum Technical, we set out to imagine the future almost five years ago in 2018, with the introduction of our Auto-VU application which allowed image and live video to be captured, analysed and clear routing of workflow to fill the gap all FNOL tools had, as they were developed from an outside-in approach for their claim handling audience, and not from an end user / customer "need".

Since then, we launched our Auto-VU + application in 2020 which allows end users to be connected in a secure peer to peer environment on an appointment basis to create a Virtual Vehicle Damage Assessment to take place in a safe and controlled manner, when and how your end user wants to be served.

Our technology is second to none and meets all the latest standards allowing us to remain relevant, and useable to our trusted clients through their existing agreements.

This is all you need to know when you lift the bonnet to see what powers our applications, so it is all go and not just show!

Now the market is preparing to play catch up, we are focusing on our next generation AutoTriage platform, which we have held off on design as the technology was not relevant and ready to go as we would have liked back a few years ago, and it was amusing to see a number of technology companies accrue sizeable investment, whilst merrily setting off into the maze of claims which many knew nothing about.

Our Auto-Triage platform will bring together our Auto-VU, Auto-VU + and AutoEstimate platforms to deliver a clear defined outcome designed by the end user within the parameters of your claims environment.

Working with our existing partners, we are exploring every new avenue to redefine a Digital by Design process which meets the current & future needs of our clients and the marketplace.

Our CEO and Founder David Punter said "We are very excited to be working with our trusted partners to develop next generation solutions on their behalf, to equip them for the claims of tomorrow".

He went on to say "We dont often make a fuss about what we do, as customers and clients recommend us to customers and clients they think could benefit from our skills and ideas. We don't need to shout about what we do, our customers and clients do this for us!"

It is clear that here at Quantum Technical, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver meaningful solutions to market on a time driven outcome and in line with the needs of the market place.

Being a technology company foremost, backed by Industry leading relevant experts and associates, we are happy to speak to like-minded companies who want to explore partnership approaches and push some boundaries.

We will also be looking to raise capital on our new development technologies which will disrupt the claims space going forward into a Digital by Design future, for which we have had a lot of initial interest as we power up key market activities.

Find out more by contacting us at

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