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GT Motive select Quantum Technical for UK support partner.

Following many months of work, development, and research, Quantum Technical is pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the sole supplier for support services for GT Motive in the United Kingdom.

David Punter (Founder and CEO of Quantum Technical Ltd) commented “it is great to support a forward-thinking company who address the market from a user perspective, and have demonstrated their flexibility with customers and partners, to offer a real alternative to the market”.

Quantum Technical recently assisted GT Motive with an industry benchmarking exercise to understand the useability and credibility of its systems in the vehicle assessing world, and this was underwritten by Philip Archer (PAAS LTD – and past president of the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors).

David Vella (Executive Director at GT Motive) added its great to be working with like-minded industry specialists as we bring our offerings to the market, making a difference where it matters and empowering users across all levels.

“We hope that the support from our specialist team along with our training offerings will demonstrate that Quantum Technical is much more than an assessing business, with its ties into the industry, technology, and research,” said David Punter.

David went on to add “Having worked in and alongside all of the major players in the assessing market, it is a pleasure to work with GT Motive, and we endorse its use as a customer-focused, resilient and adaptable assessing package for the assessor of tomorrow.

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