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Becoming Virtualised!

Here at QuantumTechnical, we are all about future working and our footprint on the planet, so it was a bold move following a team discussion where we have now closed our physical UK office (you heard that correct!).

Bear with us, it might sound crazy, but the pandemic has taught us that we can work together more collaboratively by being at home.

With the introduction of smart technologies and our platforms which we have evolved for our customer platforms, we can empower self-serve for our customers, partners and staff 24/7 & 365 days a year.

Louise Green (Operations Director) said that "it was a bold move, but this reduces our carbon footprint dramatically and connects our digital market approach."

So far our customers have said that the use of smart chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has given them a real insight into what can be achieved if the right mindset can be applied.

Stay close for more news as we change the way we work with some new relationships being fostered for 2021!

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